Guangzhou Zhigao Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dear Sir,

There is company in China on the name of Guangzhou Zhigao Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. whose owner is Mr.Yin Qiang Zhang who are big cheaters. They first appoint you as their agent but later they start doing business with same customers directly.

Moreover recently they have started exporting fake compressors to UAE and Iran with original brand. They charge money from customers for original brand but they supply renew compressors. I have already complain to Chinese customs about them but kindly be aware to purchase goods from them.

They also keep changing their company’s name and website. Their 2nd company name is Guangzhou Xi Maike General Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

You will find their name in Alibaba, B2B searching engine but kindly don’t trust this company at all.

They are big fruad and their whole export staff including Ms.Jessica is also among them.

I will request Chinese government to take strict action them.

With best regards,

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Guangzhou Zhigao Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.
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