Guangzhou Finepanda Technology Co., Ltd.

This “company” is called Guangzhou Finepanda Technology Co., Ltd. We found them on Alibaba, they are a gold supplier and have a verified address. They claim that they are a manufacturer of face mask production machines, they took advantage of the corona virus situation and offered very fast shipping (3 days only!).

We agreed on 75,000 US dollars for the machine and we paid 40,000 dollars as a down payment.

We asked him to show our Chinese agent the machine before the full payment, so he sent him to some factory, and the machine was very bad and totally different than what we agreed on. Then we refused to complete the payment.

Now it turned out that they are not a manufacturer and their alleged office does not exist at the address that Alibaba claims it is verified. Our friend in China went to that address and did not find anything!
They also repeatedly refused to give us an address of their company!!

The guy Jack Qin and his assistant Nicole initially promised they will return the money then Jack claimed he is not the manger and they cannot return it. Finally, they blocked us, just like typical scammers.

These are the responsible people and their numbers. Please be careful, do not trust any of them:
Jack Qin (the boss)
0086 13570394927
86 020 87222587
86 020 87122544
86 20 34068126

Nicole He
0086 18929624025

Claire Liu
Fanny Chen

Their pages:

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Guangzhou Finepanda Technology Co., Ltd.
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