Guangzhou Farrleey Filtration Co., Ltd.

I ordered nylon filters for our bag filtration from this supplier. we agreed for everything, but strangely Lynn, the agent requested that I pay RMB. since I saw that they are a supplier for more than 10 years, I easily trusted them not noticing that they are not a Gold Supplier. I let my agent in GZ to pay for them in the currency they want.

The major error was since they received the money in RMB, they didn’t draft an order in alibaba trade so I have an order that is not covered by trade assurance. and what this supplier did was sent me all items in wrong precision.

When I made a complain to Lynn, she insisted that the precisions were correct and the items were just wrongly marked. But I showed her and proved to her that it’s wrong. And because she knew she was in error, she blocked me.

I was requesting that she sent me the right items and I return the items but she just keeps on saying she was wrong to deal with me. How unprofessional and a clear fraud.

Stay away from this supplier at all cost.

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Guangzhou Farrleey Filtration Co., Ltd.
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