Guangzhou Bo Reed Shoe Co Ltd

Guangzhou Bo Reed Shoe Co., Ltd,Polly Shoes Co Ltd is China Frauds company,Guangzhou Scammers,Alibaba BlackList.
I made contact with Polly Shoes Co Ltd, through Alibaba, Polly shoes could not do enough to accommodate me prior to purchase, I tried to make the purchase through Alibaba but the sales person from Polly shoes, Coco informed me that it would not be possible because the amount was less than $10.000.

However, I made payments direct to their company bank account when the 1500 pairs of Childrens rain boots arrived, I nearly burst into tears. They were all 1500 pairs deformed and there was no way they could be reshaped. The toxic smell coming out of them was sickening. Anyway I contacted Polly shoes once they discovered there was a big problem they totally blanked me, blocked my whatsapp messaging refused to reply to emails. As for Alibaba dispute team, DON’T ever bother, complete waste of your time. £1750.00 DOWN THE DRAIN. I can’t even give them to charities because I would not wish to have any child regardless of desperation even try to put these horrifically deformed what were suppose to be Rain/Wellington Boots.
TEL:+86-020-83566806 83229450
PHONE:+86-13710910912 +86-13631360383
CONTACT:Miss Sin Mr. Wu
ADD:Guolong Building 276, Central City Road, Guangzhou Taixing 28F room.

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Guangzhou Bo Reed Shoe Co Ltd
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