Gnfei Technology Company Ltd

I received the printer from FedEx on July 24th 2020. I opened the wooden box they shipped the printer in to find the printer damaged. I notified them that day with pictures of the damage but it would have been late in China so I heard nothing back until the next day. Their reply to me was that the damage would have nothing to do with the printer working or justify a refund and I could put stickers on the damaged areas (really!!!).

Then I got into setting up the printer once I got past the damage and found out it would not do a self-check upon turning the unit on. I contacted the supplier and requested info from them. They replied the next day with they needed a video of the unit when I turned it on. I made a video sent it to them and then nothing back for like three days. I sent another email to the supplier and finally got a reply back from them that the engineers were working on trying to figure what was wrong. After that, I never heard a word from them again and can’t get them to respond to my emails.

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Gnfei Technology Company Ltd
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