Global Auto parts Solutions LLC

Global Auto parts Solutions LLC,USA SCAMMER
10040 SW 97 Ct
Mismi florida 33176
Salomón Kassin
Phone 3054574103
Made two containers, the first 40% of the balance, said to buy a new carton, a $ 9.2 a, regardless of whether we agree, directly refuse to pay, we asked for a replacement of the packaging picture, a can not provide, In the end there is no change, no way of knowing
The second cabinet has not yet arrived in Hong Kong, asking us to pay a freight, to 40% discount, he did not receive, under consideration, we apply for return
In the negotiation process, he also impersonated a lawyer, ordered us to make up for parts, because there are several goods lack of parts, normal business dealings, we will bear the freight supplement, but because he did not pay, can not apply for sale, So he pretended to be a lawyer, and why did he know that he was impersonating because of the AOL mail, the same grammar, the same domineering tone
This is his “lawyer” Mike Shapiro In fact, he himself

Since then, contact with peers, peers told that they were also fooled by the same person, his identity is
Permium auto suppliers
Hecter Vergara
After they made the cabinet arrived in Hong Kong, he also refused to pay for the quality of the goods. The counterparts did not release the goods. He gave the fake water bill and the result was still cheated for a sum of money

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Global Auto parts Solutions LLC
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