Giant-Explorer(Pty)Ltd,This is a big scammer in south Africa,a empty company,his business ability are all fake,cheating for my trust,and use beginner to do scamming crime,and direct steal money from beginners!
this scammer is very good at pretending,before you send cash to him, he pretend very nice, to cheat for your trust. At first he lies, he said he have 4 containers of copper ore, let me send some cash as upfront money, after I sent cash to him by western union, then he intend to make too much delays.he always said next day he will send, then next week he will,next months he will, then again and again ,one year later, final I know he already sold my containers ore to other buyer much earlier. so using this way,he can eat out my money.when I said some words unhappy,then he said very bad and became a evil right now.Actually He is a standard evil on a angel coat.
In this event,I suffer too much delay, he never said he will not pay,but he never pay! Please be noted,wait to death is 10 times harder than direct death. when I hasten him to send my money back,and I said: I was in panic,cause I used loan cash to send to him,but he just reply: only death is panic,man can afford all results of all what he did. this scammer is so vicious! He just use people’s trust on him to scam money!
After that,another story. He ignore he owe me money.he let me find Mazut buyer for him,I refuse. Then he pretend to say: he feel surprise I didn’t trust him any more. He can send all money back to me right now,but we are no more partnership.he suggest, I send more money to him,then he send 7kg gold to me,as partnership. In fact this is another cheating way. Then I send 8000$ to him by western union in February,2015 year. After he receive, he intend to make delay and said money is not enough to send out gold, then he let me share cost with him(in fact this is fake), then I send more money to him in 3 times, it is 1000$+1000$+500$=2500$. This is my biggest mistook to trust him second time.

At the very first when I just recognise this scammer, he said he have high sea sugar,means finding buyers after sugar vessel on sea. Till today,finally I know,in fact he have nothing sugar, cause his payment term is only accept upfront money 10%, he just use me to introduce customers to him, so as to cheat for upfront money.So risk!

His company in Johannesburg is a empty/one man company, he use Post box as company address,no real address,and at any time, he never give his passport copy(definitely, this is sympol of standard scammers,common used), so we cann’t find him, at the very start,his company is just registed for doing scam.
And in his mazut M100,crude oil,gold, and finance business, actually he all act as scammer, use his partners to introduce customers to him, then he can cheat for money or other things.So please never work with this bad man,otherwise you may involve in scamming crime!!

below is scammer’s information:
Company name: Giant-Explorer(Pty)Ltd.
Post address:
P.O. Box: 32181 – Braamfontein 2017,Johannesburg, South Africa
Export no: 20062772
Mobile:+27 82708 4940 Fax: + 27 82 976 1581
surname: Loufouakazi Shakespeare
first name: Brice Rodrigue
Passport No.(South Africa): A0362327
Passport No.(Congo):464378Birth date: 17th March, 1972
In the past document of his company in year 2000, he used this address as residential address and registered address:
4 Garden Court, 59 Lily St., Rosettenville, 2190

His company bank account:
Standard Bank South-Africa
Account Number:
ZAR -203 816 137, EUR – 090 642 600, USD – 090 642 619
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
Branch Code: 015 137
Bank Officer: Greg Stone
Address: 188 Grand Place, Lenasia. City: Johannesburg.Country: South – Africa
Telephone: +27 11 213 6216 Fax: +27 11 852 1406

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