Fujian Bonan Group Co Ltd

Fujian Bonan Group Co Ltd,Bad Suppliers,China Blacklist,Xiamen Scammers,Check that they are a factory and not an agent, make sure to have more then one factory making goods as a back up.
Lead time given paid deposit, found out that they sub work to another factory without telling me to save their cost. Advised of inspection date of two weeks after agreed ready date even when only 50 %of goods ready and was told it was finished. Quality not good about 50 %inspected was bad. Paid for another re-inspection and was still not good. Delayed by over 5 weeks and not willing to pay for extra inspection cost or the extra shipment charges.
Add: 9/F,Block B Haifu Center,No.599 Sishui Rd,Wuyuan Bay,Xiamen,China
Tel: 86-592-2138339 2044038 2118039,2105886,
Fax: 86- 592-2987605 2118029
Email: sales@bonanstone.com
Web: www.bonanstone.com

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Fujian Bonan Group Co Ltd
The Latest Safety Purchase Guide & Tips:
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