Foshan Hanbang Furniture Co., Ltd

Foshan Hanbang Furniture Co., Ltd – Round dinner table production –°ompany
I found this company on Alibaba website
After several days of negotiations, I asked to show samples.
They showed me photos and videos. I liked the samples.
We signed a contract and I paid for the order.
The seller promised to complete the order within 10 days.
Ten days later I was informed that these models are no longer manufactured. The seller proposed other models and extended the manufacturing time by another 20 days. After 30 days, the goods were sent to my country.
I received not what I ordered. Tables should have a marble top. But the top was made of plastic. The tables are of poor quality, heterogeneous color. Different shades and dirt. Countertops have chips and dents. Tables are not even. The seller refused to compensate for the loss and offered to fix the defective tables by myself.

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Foshan Hanbang Furniture Co., Ltd
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