EVLITHIUM LIMITED or Zaozhuang Evlithium Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Order volume – USD 2900.
Payment terms – TT in advance
Delivery Terms: DAT Minsk, Belarus.
Product – ev batteries (CATL cells).
Web-site: http://evlithium.com/
Alibaba: https://evlithium.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.details.cordpanyb.4.538f4ac8j8K7IM
Oficical legal entity name: Zaozhuang Evlithium Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

DAT Minsk, Republic of Belarus railway delivery was agreed in the PI payed, official export documents were required, but the supplier (Zaozhuang Evlithium Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.) is unable to supply the goods as agreed.
As per the last information we got, the cells (batteries) shipping by railway is prohibited by Chinese Railway Silk Way operator since 2018, but the supplier failed to inform us about it before we pay the PI.
Now the only way to deliver the goods proposed by the supplier is so called “DDP service by truck”, no official export documents, but this delivery way is illegal in that case: we paid officially T/T (direct bank transfer to the supplier’s bank account), so we must make all official import customs clearance procedures (pay customs duties, VAT) here in Belarus because, once paid by official T/T bank transfer, this deal is controlled by the local customs authorities.
If the goods are delivered to Belarus using the so-called “DDP service by truck” proposed by the supplier, we will not be able to make official import customs clearance procedures, we will have to pay heavy penalties. The customs legislation is very strict here in Belarus. The customs officers here have right to open investigation and, as result, we will pay penalties and the goods will be confiscated.
We tried to explain this to the supplier but the supplier still silent. We requested the money refund but the supplier refuses to refund money proposing us the so-called “DDP service by truck” which we cannot accept.

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