Dalian Eternal Import Export Co Ltd

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We signed a contract with the company: “Dalian Eternal Import and Export Co., Ltd” , DD 2018-02-23, directing by Ms. Lina Zhang. The business contact person was Ms. Melody.

According to the contract we settled the 10% down payment , DD 2018-03-02. After receiving the money , the seller immediately asked for more payment despite the articles of the mutually agreed and signed contract. We refused to pay extra money and for the sake of cooperation , we accepted to pay more just against inspection prior to the shipment but the mentioned company didn’t accept it and insisted on getting more payment.

After sending many emails and messages to have the seller be loyal to the contract issues , no result was achieved. So we asked to refund our down payment but they refused to pay back our money. Despite our consistent follow up , they neither accepted the inspection nor returned our down payment and now they don’t respond any longer and their email address and site is Inaccessible. It’s a fraud company who cheated on us.

The email address of the scammer company:
The telephone no.+86-0411-39603898
mobile no.+86 155 4266 9491
Address:HaiFu Road Free Rade, Liaoning, Dalian

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Dalian Eternal Import Export Co Ltd
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