They will take your money, and promise to care for your goods, then sell it to others. THEY COUNTERFEIT YOUR ITEMS. BEWARE!!!

Neena and Frank Chi (their english names, of course) will try to convince you I am a bad client etc etc, but they refuse to admit fault that they should advise you of their intentions. They make more than you require then try to force you to buy it otherwise they can hold for you.

Then, when you require it, they tell you it is gone! They did not even tell me it was gone! Yes, it was some time they held for, but they NEVER contacted me to advise they would be disposing/selling it. I asked them a few times how it was going, and they confirmed they had it etc. Then, when i need it, it is all gone! They said they held it so long.

i showed them the contract they signed, which they breached, and they still try to blame me for holding it too long. Now, if that was the case, why didn’t they contact me to advise it will be disposed of? I would have taken it immediately! But no, they just lose it. or sell it. Or dispose of it. They have told me ALL these things, because they try to make excuses when I question them about it. Like:

“How can you lose it? It’s illegal for you to sell it or give away, as we own the trademark for it worldwide! It’s illegal!”.

“It also breaches our contract with you!”.
“What contract?”, they ask. I show them. They shut up.

“Why would you dispose of our stock without telling us?”. They claim they did not know the warehouse the use did it. Again, we rely on THEM to care for our products as per the contract, not their unintelligible staff or outsourced factories.

They know they’ve been caught and stopped answering because they know they’re wrong. Regardless of their argument, as a business owner myself, i know that i would not be able to get away with this myself, so they should not either. I would NEVER lose, or dispose of a clients products, no matter what the situation.

It just shows how callous, cold hearted and soul less these liars are.

I will never stop reporting them to warn others what they did.

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