Looking for information while you are performing due diligence on Bonville organic International from India who sells Green Tea? If you’re looking for information on this company the read below experience of one buyer who ended up having problem with this company.

We made a commercial transaction on Alibaba to BONVILLE ORGANIC INTERNATIONAL in Septemper 2019.

Bonville Organic International was supposed to prepare and send us 147 Kg of green tea. After several months of communication followed by the lock down of COVID-19, we received no new on their part. The last communication was the 5 May 2019, saying they are still in Lock down and it will prolonged to 18 May.

After several trials to communicate the difference ways (Alibaba, Whatsapp, Email, Phone , Facebook) with the enterprise we decided to ask a friend to send an inquiry to this company to see if they are still in business or they just ignore us.

After this request, my friend sent us a screenshot showing they are still answering other company inquiries.

I asked then the company why they are ignoring us and they blacklisted our contact.

User Recommendations: Always do Trade Assurance transaction on Alibaba.
Value of purchase – 3,000 to 6,000 USD

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