BLG General Trading LLC

BLG General Trading LLC,this scammer is so vicious! they just use people’s trust on him to scam money,In this event,I suffer too much delay, he never said he will not pay,but he never pay! Please be noted,wait to death is 10 times harder than direct death. when I hasten him to send my money back,and I said: I was in panic,cause I used loan cash to send to him,but he just reply: only death is panic,man can afford all results of all what he did.
BLG General Trading LLC
Office No: M15
Gold Land Building
Deira, Dubai, UAE
Telephone:+971 4 2267737
Abdelazim Abuali: +971503566111
Yousif Alghaly: +971555262673

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BLG General Trading LLC
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