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I was looking for a shipping agent to transport my goods bought from Alibaba to South Africa. I search on “Made in China” and found one of their GOLD members, Bestship International Logistics. Lisa (+86 13246650882), the agent for Bestship gave me a quote to ship my goods. I told her it was rechargeable airbrush pens – which contain batteries. After few weeks of delays, she gave me the quote of USD 754, I paid it. After sending her numerous messages about my tracking number, she gave me a DHL one, but when I track it, it display that the shipper generated a number but did not handed over the goods. When I ask her about this, she said that she have bad news, Shenzhen customs detain my goods. She said it was because of the batteries. I told her it is not illegal to ship goods with batteries, it is just a bit more expensive due to the flight risk. She told me, if I don’t pay the USD 850 fine, my goods will be destroyed. They are scammers that lure you in with a good price and then afterwards demand more money. I just want my goods and warn someone else not to fall in the same trap!

Address: No 217, Zone a, Baishiwei Logistical Park, Baoan District, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

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Bestship International Logistics (Shenzhn) Co. Ltd
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