Beston (henan) Machinery Group

we have purchased three (3) Continuous Pyrolysis Installations from the Chinese Company by the name of BESTON (Henan) Machinery Group for the amount of 4.1 millions Euros
We have started with commissioning and start-up activities for our installation approximately 10 months ago and to this date we still do not have a working installation and are experiencing new problems on a daily basis. Our design feed rate for each line (we have 3 lines) was specified as 1.25 Tons/h (1,250 kg/h) of RDF (refuse derived fuel) but our installation cannot handle more than 300 kg/h of RDF and it is frequently plugging along with other mechanical problems we are experiencing.

Initially we had 2 commissioning engineers from BESTON on site, who did not seem to be very experienced and who, during the entire time on site (4 months) were not able to start up our installation and bring it to its design parameters.

One week ago, we were contacted by a potential Beston client, interested in a reference visit to our installation, as they seemed very interested to purchase the same type of pyrolysis installation, BLL 30, from your company. During our discussions we found out, much to our disbelief, that the REAL PRICE OF THE BLL 30 INSTALLATION FROM BESTON IS ACTUALLY $378.000 USD (EQUIVALENT TO 337.500 EURO) AND NOT 1.356.667 EURO, WHICH WE AT ANSA, PAID FOR SUCH A UNIT.

Moreover, they have shown us the email correspondence with the BESTON agent, in which it is mentioned, that this type of installation is not suitable for RDF raw material and it is only recommended for rubber pyrolysis.

Do your due diligence very well before you by anything from China, and do not buy anything from Beston!!!!!!!!!!

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Beston (henan) Machinery Group
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