Beijing Yite Video Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Placed order via AliBaba for audio to fiber equipment, found them looking for generic version of this equipment.
2. Was shortly contacted via email and WhatsApp by seller directly (from two tel numbers) aggressively which retroactively was a red flag that I did not recognize.
3. Received proforma
4. I was stupid enough to pay via paypal having had no bad experience with Chinese suppliers in the past
5. Once I paid they started coming up with excuses for not shipping (yearly audit…).
6. Than they came up with an idea that I should pay again so they can expedite the shipment with some vague excuse for this. This is where I had it.
7. Having exposed them their narrative changed, suddenly they knew nothing about paypal payment, they came up with photoshopped email screenshots and what not.

Looks like a regular scammer with established routine and several involved persons, including one in the US. Probably having scammed many in the past.

Associated emails they used:

Associated whatsapp; +1(334)339-9039

Associated names:
Slina (Gao)

Beijing Yite Video Technology Co., Ltd.

Longguan Building, 115 West Street, Huilongguan, Huilongguan Town, Beijing, China

Avoid at any cost!

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Beijing Yite Video Technology Co., Ltd.
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