Beijing Sabote Petrochemicals Co Ltd

I have reported this fraud before but nothing has been done, Read Our Previous Complain which has all the expanation, you have not contacted our company or Manager Alberto Tomassi, we are still waiting as you said that we would receive a user name and password for our complain to go public, these fraud people need to be published and others need to know that they steal your money and do not give you anything sellable in return, the material they sent us is not worth anything they have ruined us , we are a very small company and we were hoping that this material would help us, BUT you still haven’t published anything about them… Well I guess this is what to expect from CHINA , we are very disappointed in Blacklist that we thought would be on our side but we guess you are not, it’s a shame because this has made us loose faith in China and i was hoping this would not happen

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Beijing Sabote Petrochemicals Co Ltd
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