stole hundreds from me by deleting my paid ad (along with other people’s ads) and stealing my remaining credit, so my account showed zero credit. Then they told me you have to deposit $100 in Bitcoin to “activate” your account. Why do we have to give them $100 in Bitcoin if we only want to post one ad which costs $5?

When I asked them why they deleted my paid ad, they said they did not delete anything. Right, It must be my imagination… Talking with them is useless and extremely frustrating. Their only purpose is to extort as much money as possible form you. They keep saying the only way is to deposit $100 in Bitcoin. After I followed their instructions and deposited even more than they requested (about $102), they credited my account only $99.97, which means it’s less than $100 and my account is still locked… Then they say you need to deposit more… If you give in and deposit more, soon after that they will block your account again because now they want “to verify” everybody (AFTER they received your money, not before). They ask you to send them your video with all kinds of your personal and biometric information (including your face and a sample of your voice). If you don’t agree to that, they keep your money, no refunds. At the same time, they do not post and will not tell you their company’s address, phone number or who owns them and how to contact them. And they do not respond to customer service e-mails. SCAM and FRAUD. They also promote prostitution (sex ads) in every section of their website, and if you complain about that, they will not remove those ads and will not even respond to you. That’s how they make money.

The same story happened to my friend and many other customers.

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