ASTERIX UNITED(M) SDN BHD,A rogue Malaysian customer,Stephen H P Kueh,company name Asterix United (M) Sdn Bhd,is mainly used for medical devices and medical supplies.
I have done several business with his company since 2012, which is a good one. The man is China tong, who has been to China several times, and has been able to say that the price of each order is very low.
Previously he was only the salesman of this company, responsible for the order matters.
2013 this person also hide from yourself to switch the order to the company’s boss, other companies do take kickbacks and private higher purchase price for us, in 2014 he company bosses don’t want to do for the company to him.
Stephen H P Kueh when the boss, tell me a little a few single business every year, basic it is barely profitable small orders, in the first half of 2016, he said there is a bidding sheet that we quote the lowest price bidding, bid later orders him down, he has been looking for us that speaks well of us said bidding sheet quantity is big, he have enough money, I hope we can work to support him.
We are 30% deposit with his previous payment of the balance would be to see a copy of the bill of lading, in view of the company with him to do this time went well for many years, plus a bidding sheet number, he did just when the boss is not, as agreed to play the part of the deposit, the balance would be three months after the arrival of the goods.
Then we sent 2 in August and September shipment in the past, the first payment receipted in November, but in December, it was time to receive the second payment, to give him email often don’t back, micro letter also don’t reply message, often no one answers the phone, and occasionally on the phone, said he was away on a business trip, or said the family travel abroad, to contact before the Spring Festival in die need him to take care of sick, said his family has said he is ill in hospital in a foreign country, so a variety of reasons to march really not reason, he said the quality of our goods have a problem, the ministry of health of Malaysia to two-thirds deductions, and the balance should be paid to delivery no problem again after the past, of course we don’t believe what he said, let him provide goods inspection report and the ministry of health deductions file, and the payment he isn’t in Malaysia entry and exit certificate etc, he has failed to provide.
He’s been roguish all the time.

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