Alibaba is a SCAM

Alibaba is a SCAM – you see it everywhere! you will get scammed on Alibaba if you don’t use your sense!

checking the case as follows:
I know that this company is enormous and does a great amount of business, but clearly they don’t put enough effort into protecting there buyers from the enormous amount of scammer’s they have on there site at any one time. I have no doubt that hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars are lost each day due to inept business practices. Do not bother with there complaint department there useless, or there on help there even worse. Don’t try and call them they don’t respond, and there security for the site is non-existence. It is a shame that fools are running this company into the ground to where buyers no longer feel safe buying products that don’t exist and losing money in a business that they can’t afford. I myself made three purchases from gold star members on Alibaba, I got scammed by all of them to the tune of $1400 that I was trying to start a business with. Because of Alibaba’s inept security and business practices that dream will not happen. I will make sure that all the people I know are aware of Alibaba scam practice and that there unwilling to do anything about it. Shame on them

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