Agro Zone General trading LLC

Agro Zone General trading LLC,this is a big scammer and empty company,Yousif Alghaly Ahmed,this scammer is very good at pretending,before you send cash to him, he pretend very nice, to cheat for your trust. At first he lies, he said he have 4 containers of copper ore, let me send some cash as upfront money, after I sent cash to him by western union, then he intend to make too much delays.he always said next day he will send, then next week he will,next months he will, then again and again ,one year later, final I know he already sold my containers ore to other buyer much earlier. so using this way,he can eat out my money.when I said some words unhappy,then he said very bad and became a evil right now.Actually He is a standard evil on a angel coat.
Agro Zone General trading LLC
Yousif Alghaly Ahmed,00971555262673,

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Agro Zone General trading LLC
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