Abu Etu +2348175002368 Nigeria

Hi there is new Scam trick o Alibaba and our company got lost a lot of money by this scammer name Abu Etu. SCAM Phone number: +2348175002368 also +2348275113486 He is from Nigeria Lagos. First of all they contact many companies asking to purchase items. They wanna pay with credit card or bank transfer, but they dont have money. When they say they have paid for the item, payments dont arrive at you. After you explaining them they gone for several days. After some days they open a CLAIM on your company account. For the claim case they add fake payment copys, fake whatsapp chats with .docx or .txt files, edit all conversations and waiting for Alibaba managers to let them win this claim. The seller/company has to send payments to that Nigerian Scamer Abu Etu or their Gold supplier account will be closed. You have nothing to do but to send the payment because manager dont look at proofs even you explain 100x times. If you not return you will lost thousands of dollars which are worth your Gold supplier account. Please be carefully and dont deal with Nigerian, Lagos, Niger “buyers”. You will lost a lot.

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Abu Etu +2348175002368 Nigeria
The Latest Safety Purchase Guide & Tips:
These lessons tell us don't rush to buy from Suppliers without due diligence!
Step 1:Order the Supplier Verification before you sign contracts or payments,
Step 2:It's better hire the Sourcing Agent to help you handle all buying affairs.

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